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Thank you, Community Racing, Inc.!

CCMM and the Rowing Program would like to thank Community Racing, Inc., the stewards of the Lewis Bay Boathouse in Yarmouth, MA.

Community Racing, Inc.'s mission is to make competitive sailboat racing and traditional watercraft more accessible. Their primary goal is to create a classroom by preserving the Lewis Bay Boathouse. This living classroom with it’s convenient access to the water serves as a gateway to Cape Cod’s maritime heritage, as well as the primary location that CCMM runs their rowing program out of. It is a wonderful spot for participants to meet, socialize, and then get on the water in our two rowing gigs. Without access to this boathouse, CCMM's rowing program would not be nearly as successful as it has been!

Other ways Community Racing, Inc. plans to deliver on their mission: provide shared boat equipment and event support, assist community groups to access Lewis Bay, and build interest in locally built boats. Their support of our rowing program is a great way for both of our organizations to increase on-the-water education.

Community Racing, Inc. is also working on preserving two very recognizable mid-Cape icons: the Lewis Bay Boathouse and the catboat EVENTIDE, who many Cape Codders may recognize by the delightful cat on her sails.

The Lewis Bay Boathouse was built in 1950 by members of the Lewis Bay Yacht Club. CCMM Volunteers and volunteers from Community Racing, Inc. have worked tirelessly over the past few years to preserve this building as a location for on-the-water community programs and educational opportunities.

For many years, EVENTIDE served up great sunset sailing trips out of Hyannis Harbor into Lewis Bay. The first steps are now underway to stabilize and protect her from the weather and determine a path to rebuild and relaunch her career on Lewis Bay. Catboats like EVENTIDE are a reminder of another time of the Cape's maritime heritage.

For more information on Community Racing, Inc. and their current efforts, visit:

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