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Open again!

Dear Members and Friends,

As you know, the Cape Cod Maritime Museum re-opened last week after many months of being closed due to state-wide Covid-19 restrictions...and we are happy to report that our first week was a great success!

We were busy every day during each time slot - even when the weather was nice. Our visitors, which ranged in age and included a nice mix of families, young adults and seniors, enjoyed viewing the exhibits and engaging with our staff on the main floor and in the boat shop. Working via our contact-less system, museum attendees also made several book and jewelry purchases. To enhance their overall experience, we engaged landscapers to clean and spruce up the areas outside of the building, which added an additional appeal to our reopening week.

All of our visitors so far have been very understanding of our established protocols, such as limiting the number of visitors allowed in the building at any given time, and purchasing tickets online. We appreciate their understanding and their eagerness to come to our museum to learn more about our shared maritime heritage.

While we have had to adapt to a new way of engaging our community, we feel the transformation has worked incredibly well for the museum and our guests.

Thank you for your support and if you haven't been able to come by the museum yet, we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Our New Hours are:

Wednesday 12pm-3pm

Thursday 12pm-3pm

Friday 12pm-3pm

For more information and to purchase tickets online please visit our website.


The Board of Directors and Staff of The Cape Cod Maritime Museum

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