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“Where Are We?” History of Navigation from 1200 BC

From ancient Polynesian stick charts and Icelandic spars to vintage nautical charts to modern electronic equipment from RDF to AIS, our newest exhibit covers

navigation from 1200 BC to the present.


The sextant in our museum was used by donor Peter T. Damon on board the 110′ brigantine Romance, pictured above, in a round-the-world trip. Romance was also featured in the film version of James Michener’s epic novel Hawaii.

Elizabeth and William Graham Scrimshaw Collection

This scrimshaw exhibit is the largest private collection of scrimshaw displayed on Cape Cod. 

The Anatomy of a Boat

Ever wonder where the Garboard Strake is on a boat? Museum Curator Don Stucke created this exhibit to show the construction of wooden boats both modern and ancient.

It showcases a variety of techniques used in boat building around the world.

Lightships of

Cape Cod

The unique story of the lightships that protected sea going vessels along the shores of Cape Cod

Before They Were Here: The Pilgrims’ Quest for Religious Freedom

Phase One of the museum’s Mayflower 400 exhibit, Before They Were Here, chronicles the life of the Pilgrims from 1606 before their departure for the New World in 1620.

Learn in-depth about the circumstances which made them leave England for Holland, and why they finally decided they must set sail for the New World.

Pete Culler’s Boat Shop

Pete Culler was a well-respected local boat designer and builder. His basic principles of design were simplicity and functionality.

The Culler Exhibit is a replica of Culler’s shop and features many of his tools, both hand and powered, some of which he built himself.

Inuit Art

Produced by the Inuit people of the Arctic, this collection of figurative art features highly detailed and expressive pieces showing animal, human, and geometric carvings.

Cape Cod Maritime Museum

Our mission is to preserve the rich maritime traditions and history for which Cape Cod and the Islands are known. We strive to enable audiences of all ages to understand and enjoy the maritime culture through exhibitions, collections, public events, and educational programs.

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