Annual Scholars Prize

WHAT IT IS: A new pilot initiative the museum is implementing in 2021 is the CCMM Annual Scholars Prize. Working with Cape Cod high schools (both public, private, and charter), CCMM will encourage local High School Juniors to submit an essay or project in one of two categories: Cape Cod maritime history and Cape Cod marine biology. Local judges, chosen for their experience within these two topics, will receive one submission per school in each category. Judges will choose the three winners in each category, including first, second and third place winners. The prizes will be $500 for third, $750 for second, $1000 for first, and a $500 prize for the winning school.


GOAL: CCMM is the Cape’s only museum dedicated to the preservation and celebration of local maritime heritage. The museum strives to provide ways for all ages to understand and enjoy our local maritime culture, and the Imagination prize will encourage maritime scholarship at the high school level. We have found that it is imperative to appeal to our younger community and help cultivate a new generation of life-long maritime enthusiasts. This prize will build on our success with outreach programs within schools, and this is a logical and innovative next step to increasing impact within the younger generations.

This is a new initiative for the museum, please stay tuned for more information!

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