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William Davis
"Fishermen Off Bishop + Clerk", 2017
16" x 24", oil on panel

The title of this painting refers to a rock formation located approximately 5 miles southeast of Lewis Bay, off the coast of Cape Cod.  The natural barrier has created a spot for fish and, therefore fishermen to gather.

It is through the extraordinary generosity of William, "Bill Davis", that the museum is able to offer "Fishermen Off Bishop + Clerk"

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Items Developed by Cape Cod Maritime Museum 

The primary mission of Cape Cod Maritime Museum is to Protect, Preserve, and Promote maritime history and culture. Exclusive museum products, such as The Whaling Art Journal, provide an opportunity to teach future generations about that history, and the importance of present day preservation efforts. Purchase and support of items produced by the museum, enable us to provide funding for education programs and artifact preservation.           


The Whaling Art Journal of Abigail M. Case

This is a coming of age tale for young maritime enthusiasts who are interested in the roots of seafaring history.  Beautifully depicted scrimshaw watercolors, rendered by the renowned illustrator Kristina Rodanas, weave the fabric of the story as it unfolds.  Co-written by museum Executive Director, Chris Galazzi, Abigail's journal offers a historically accurate perspective of whaling from the viewpoint of a first-time voyager.


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Museum Boat Cleat

Each white oak cleat has been individually cut, shaped, sanded, varnished and branded in our active boat shop. Show your support for the museum by displaying branded cleats as hangers for framed artwork, drawer pulls, or create your own home decor idea.



Access to more information about the Boatyard Apprentice School
"Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it."  -George Santayana
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