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April Vacation Sign-Ups:

Ages 5 -7

Monday (April 17): Float Your Boat! 

Come learn about how boats float and then make your very own. We will test them all and see which designs work the best. Getting wet could happen...

Wednesday (April 19): Playing Pirates

Ahoy, Matey! Come learn about famous Cape Cod pirates and play some awesome pirate games. We will make our own pirate hats and eye patches, and create a skit to share at the end of class.

Ages 8 -12

Monday (April 17): Making Maps

From the beginning of time, people have used maps to find where they are and where they are going. Come learn about maps and make your very own of the harbor area. We will be walking outdoors, so please dress appropriately.

Tuesday (April 18): Shark Frenzy! 

Enjoy a fun afternoon exploring what makes sharks different from other fish! Differentiate fact from fiction, and play some shark-themed games.

Wednesday (April 19): Maritime Birds

Learn about our local maritime birds, as well as the shorebirds that frequent the shores during spring and fall. This class involves some outdoor exploration; please bring binoculars if possible.

Friday (April 21): Seashell Craft Bonanza

Feeling crafty? Come spend a fun afternoon making shell art, shell sculptures, and shell decorations. Bring your own special shells, or use some of ours!


General Education Information

Cape Cod Maritime Museum is a community resource for education opportunities at all learning levels. We provide curriculum-based programs for classrooms and place-based learning in the museum's classroom & boat shop on Hyannis' working waterfront. Many of our program offerings are interdisciplinary, exhibit-related and hands-on studies of maritime themed subjects: boat building & design, fishing, sailing, knots, nautical navigation, artisans of the sea, shipwrecks, and historic vessels.

If you would like us to design a program based on your specific educational needs, or have an idea for a new topic or activity, please let us know. We’re adaptable and we’re here to help.

STEM gains STEAM Curriculum

Science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) topics drawn from our coastal marine environment enable students to embrace new knowledge and skills in a way that is specific to our unique Cape Cod culture. CCMM provides students and educators real-world, interactive, inquiry- based learning opportunities utilizing Cape Cod pedagogy. Join us and discover CC's special qualities through its maritime past, present and future. 

Highlights of CCMM STEAM program include adaptable lesson plans meeting the needs of educators. Our lesson plans can be tailored to specific age groups, and all lesson plans meet Massachusetts State Standards and requirements for STEM subject matter. We are able to host students at the museum, and our STEM educator can bring lesson plans and materials to local classrooms.


Plan a Field Trip

CCMM encourages schools to bring their students to the museum to experience Cape Cod history as well as complete an educational program in our STEM Gains STEAM classroom. Call our STEM education director to plan a date for your visit, tour and classroom activity. Plan to spend a minimum of one and a half hours for your CCMM visit.  This will include a guided museum tour as well as a classroom activity.

CCMM Educator Visiting To Your School

The CCMM STEM educator is looking forward to visiting local schools, providing classroom educational opportunities related to Cape Cod maritime history.  Classroom activities can be adjusted to the teacher’s needs. Call our education assistant to plan a date for the visit.

Homeschool Programs

We welcome the homeschooling community.  Our curriculum meets the Massachusetts standards. Call CCMM to learn how we can meet your needs.

Contact CCMM’s STEM Gains STEAM Education Leader Mary Richmond,, for details about classes CCMM teaches in local pre-school, elementary, middle and high school classrooms. Additionally, CCMM offers field trips and classes taught at CCMM.

Classes meeting the standards which can be taught both at CCMM or in local classrooms:

  • Buoyancy Theory and Application
  • Coastal Communication
  • Fish & Clean Water
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Physics of Sailing
  • Pirates & Mooncussers
  • Water Quality

General Class Activities that can be offered for groups throughout the year:

  • Build Your Own Boat
  • Lego Boat Building Contest
  • Build Your Own Scallop Windchime
  • Build Your Own Fishing Reel with Recyclable Materials
  • Build Your Own Fishing Pole
  • Fishprints
  • Create Your Own Pirate Map


Classes Offered

Some classes are only offered during specific times of the year.  Please contact the museum for the schedule of specific programs.

Registration, Tuition, Deposits and Cancellations!

Tuitions vary according to our costs and the length of the course. You will find the tuition amount(s) below each course description. We ask for a deposit of one half of your tuition fee upon registration. Courses require a minimum number of people to run. Please check our Event Calendar for class schedule. Become a museum member to receive a 20% discount on your class!

Celestial Navigation

Work hands-on with John Carlisle, unlimited tonnage US Merchant Marine deck officer to really learn the nuts n' bolts behind celestail navigation and ocean track plotting. The course utilizes (6) days of instruction (30+ hours) over two consecutive weekends. Classes are very small (NMT 5 students) so the instruction is intensive and includes practical work on local beaches capturing the sun at Meridian Passage to render latitude and in the evenings, shooting stars to render lines of position (LOPs).  Sign up, get out your sextant and sharpen some pencils and finally learn how to navigate by the sun and stars. Learn some nautical astronomy and sharpen your chart navigation skills along the way. In this era of cyber security and GPS spoofing, mastering celestial navigation makes for the smart navigator.

  • Instructor: John Carlisle 
  • Class Size and Age: 5 people, adult
  • Course Length: Two weekends 
  • Dates and Cost: Call for details

Build a Bevins Skiff

A Youth Boat Building Program designed to teach hands-on math skills. As a team, students will build one 12’ traditional wooden rowing skiff from a kit, then learn how to build one full kit from scratch.

  • Instructor: Bob Lister
  • Class Size and Ages: Limited to students Grades 6-8.
  • Course Length: 10-week course
  • Dates: Call for details
  • Cost: $250 per student for a rowing skiff, $445 for a sailing skiff
  • Location: Cape Cod Maritime Museum - Directions

Dead ahead with dead reckoning! Chart your own course, and sail it!

Students will work in a team to plot a vessel’s course using the oldest method of navigation—dead reckoning. Educators at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum will present basic skills for marine navigation, including reading a compass, estimating vessel position and movement using mathematical equations and geometry, reading a chart’s latitude and longitude, and plotting a course. Students will evaluate and incorporate weather and oceanographic patterns into their course and pilot a course out of Hyannis Harbor aboard the Museum’s catboat Sarah.

  • Class Size and Ages: Limited to 6 students; Grades 6-8
  • Course Length: 8-12 noon (4 hours)
  • Dates: Call for details
  • Cost: $60.00 per student
  • Location: Cape Cod Maritime Museum - Directions

Weeklong Safe Boating and Sailing Lessons On Board Catboat Sarah

Learn to sail as well as get a taste of history on our museum built catboat Sarah. This unique boating safety course will give adults and children hands on experience on the water.

  • Class Size and Ages: Limited to 6 students; all ages
  • Course Length: 9am to 12 noon (3 hours)
  • Dates: (1) week Sarah Sailing camps - Call for details
  • Cost: $295 per student
  • Location: Cape Cod Maritime Museum - Directions

Introduction to Lofting

The very basics of lofting for beginners. The course teaches how designers' lines are laid down in three dimensions in order for hull shapes to be lifted in full scale patterns. We will loft a 9' flat bottom skiff, learn to pick up bevels and develop transom bevels, all done with the simple drawing to scale.

  • Instructor: Tony Davis (of Arey’s Pond Boat Yard) in the Cook Boat Shop at CCMM
  • Call the museum for details at 508-775-1723

Intermediate Lofting

This course is designed for the student who has an interest in building a boat on their own with no kits or pre-made construction materials. The course teaches how the designer's lines are laid down in three dimensions in order for hull shapes to be lifted in full scale patterns. Learn to understand offsets and how to fare a line. Learn the meaning of every line an architect uses to create a hull shape. It is here the real construction of the boat begins.

Intro to Boat Building Restoration

This is an entry-level course, exploring the basics of paint stripping, identifying rot, removing and replacing broken ribs, refastening planes, center box repair and laying a new deck.  Students do not need prior experience with boat building, woodworking or tools to participate in this course--only the desire to explore something different!

Spar Making

Learn the basics of building a spar, understand the process in solid, hollow and box v. round spars. Using basic spar making principles, build a 14 foot mast or flagpole, in CCMM's Cook Boat Shop.

  • Instructor: Suzanne Leahy (of Pleasant Bay Boat & Spar)
  • Cost: $295 non-members, $235 CCMM Members
  • Tools: small plane, spoke shave, adjustable square, pencils
  • Date and Time: Call the museum for details at 508-775-1723
  • Location: Cape Cod Maritime Museum, 135 South Street, Hyannis

Sailor’s Valentines

Gerda Reid, a self-taught Valentiner with 15 years’ experience creates her own unique, one-of-kind, valentine creations. Gerda uses designs that are intricate, precise, bright and cheery, often geometric, colorful and with attention to shading. The valentine boxes are also Gerda’s design and constructed of mahogany and other select hardwoods. In this workshop you will learn many of Gerda’s creative techniques and applications while making your very own sailor’s valentine.

  • Instructor: Gerda Reid
  • Cost: $575/non-member or member/$550
  • Tools: All supplies and materials include (9” frame)
  • Date and Time: Call the museum for details at 508-775-1723
  • Location: Cape Cod Maritime Museum, 135 South Street, Hyannis

Hands-On Half Hull Modeling Class

Build the Cape Cod classic wooden vessel the beetlecat .

  • Instructor: Mark Sutherland. A professional craftsman since 1979, Mark Sutherland specializes in models of 19th- and early 20th-century ships and boats, along with scrimshaw artifacts, decorative ship carving and figureheads.
  • Cost: $300 non-members, $240 members
  • Date and Time: Call the museum for details at 508-775-1723
  • Location: The Cook Boat Shop at CCMM