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CCMM provides boat building classes several times a year for local students and at-risk youth in partnership HYCC and Crossroads for Kids (Boston).

Truro Central Elementary School builds a boat every fall as a part of their STEM Curriculum. Our boat building program integrates STEM subjects by way hands-on learning. Wouldn't you have liked to build a boat class when you were in school? We offer inter-generational learning with our volunteers and mentors. While learning science and math, students also gain communication skills, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment. 

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"Trio" Boat Building

During the Fall/Spring of 2017-18, we will be offering live demonstrations of the building of catboat "Trio". These will be lead by boatwright Bruce Colvin, with help from our curator Don Stucke, and will offer tips and allow viewers to ask questions throughout the process. If interested in attending please call the museum or email at

Info about Pumpkin

"Pumpkin" Restoration

Throughout the Fall/Spring of 2017-18, we will be offering classes led by Mark Sutherland to work on the restoration of the Anderson of Wareham catboat "Pumpkin". He will lead participants through all the necessary of the steps of boat repair, with the ultimate goal of sailing her as the last class. If interested, please call the museum or email