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Climb Aboard Park and Preservation Boatshed

Special Project - Boat Shed and Climb Aboard Park

The Climb Aboard Park starts with a real boat, donated for this purpose, reconstructed as a child safe, play-on/climb-on, interactive exhibit. The fun will include fishing games, a ships wheel, ropes for knot tying, blocks and pulleys and a small sail for hoisting, a cabin with galley for imaginative play, and seats for just relaxing and enjoying the “ride”. The boat will be anchored in a pool of play safe natural mulch or wood chips, and surrounded by a landscaped area with picnic tables and logo decorated umbrellas, which will complete the park- like atmosphere where families will enjoy a day on the waterfront while engaging in imaginative play. The Preservation Boatshed, built to resemble a traditional Cape Cod boat builder’s barn, will safely preserve and house the museum built 1886 Crosby Catboat Replica Sarah in the off-season, while providing an effective expansion of our busy boat shop exhibit and classroom during the spring, summer and fall. (See information below on how to donate to this terrific project)

A beautiful play area attracting children and their families will offer a safe and fun place to spend the day, meet friends and learn about the maritime history and culture of the Cape. Esthetically and environmentally, the Climb Aboard Park and Preservation Boatshed will have an enormous impact on the impression our Museum and the adjacent waterfront will make on Cape visitors and in our community. This project will improve the look and public functionality of the Hyannis waterfront, and it will contribute considerably to the ability of the Cape Cod Maritime Museum to serve a broad public by increasing its appeal. It will also provide a comfortable outdoor space for educational activities provided by the museum and increase the capacity of our boatbuilding and restoration programs.

This project will offer opportunities for community and youth involvement. Our community volunteer, who has donated the boat, is one of our docent boat builders and we will be seeking volunteers and interns to assist in its completion. Volunteers will gain boat building and carpentry skills and have the satisfaction of making a major contribution to a community resource. Our adjacent boat shop, and boatshed once completed, will offer continued opportunities to use these skills and gain more.

Special thanks for major in kind donations of materials and time!

  • Craig Ashworth, Scott Behlman, Peter Canavan, Steve Hukalowicz
  • Pine Harbor www.pineharbor.com
  • Tom Holmes Building
  • Bortolotti Construction
  • Concrete Specialties- David Fuccillo
  • Executive Landscaping - Chris Catoia
  • Chris McGrath
  • E.B. Norris and Sons www.ebnorris.com
  • Olsen Plumbing
  • Peckham Associates- Rick Peckham
  • Viola and Associates

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