Rotating Exhibits


Maritime Fine Arts

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We are excited to announce our new exhibit “Maritime Fine Art", which is hung in our newly renovated West Exhibit Gallery. We have gathered some of the finest marine art by local Cape Cod artists, and many of their pieces are for sale. Come see the $800,000 worth of fine art, with new gleaming hard wood floors, LED lighting and a pair of gleaming bronze cannons!




Primary Exhibits


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Catboats to Clipper Ships: Boatbuilding on Cape Cod

In our East Exhibit Gallery is our exhibit “Catboats to Clipper Ships: Boat Building in Cape Cod”. We are highlighting the impact of Cape Cod on boat building, with interactive displays on lofting, planking, spar making, hand finishes, and block and tackle systems, as well as Past and Present Boat Builders of Cape Cod. In addition there are brief videos of boat building projects across the Cape, from Clipper Ships to Catboats.




Cape Cod's Largest Scrimshaw Collection

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The the museum is now displaying Elizabeth H. and William Graham's personal Scrimshaw collection, which is the largest on Cape Cod. The collection will be on display at the front of the museum across from our newly remodeled gift shop. Come see the handmade teak cabinet that they are displayed in, and shop for the perfect nautical book, child's toy or CCMM clothing gift.







Permanent Exhibits


Cook Boat Shop

Witness boat builders in action using both traditional and modern methods in boat building and restoration, or join in and learn first-hand through our internships, volunteer programs, educational classes and apprenticeships.

Please visit our Cook Boat Shop page for details our Boat Shop hours and on classes offered. Some of our classes include: Half Model Making, Spar Making, Lofting, Intro to Boat Building.


Climb Aboard Park and Preservation Boat Shed

Preservation Park


An extension of our boat shop, the Preservation Boat shed houses boat building activities, traditional craft in our collection and our Catboat Sarah in the winter. Climb Aboard our 28 ft boat built especially for kids. Set in our park with picnic tables for a fun filled day on the waterfront.

Please visit our Special Projects page to learn more about our exciting projects.

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